South Carolina 2017 Economic Analysis Report
South Carolina 2017 Economic Analysis Report - This report highlights a number of measures that illuminate several aspects of the state's economy.

South Carolina Average Hourly Earnings by Industry
South Carolina Average Hourly Earnings by Industry - The topic of stagnant industry wages in the U.S. has been discussed in the media for some time. This presentation highlights the average hourly earnings in South Carolina for several notable industry domains and sectors to show what has been the experience in this state.

  Information about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)
Seeing how the arts can assist students in learning, STEM has morphed in STEAM. The two tools below take a look at the current condition, future workforce needs, and comparisons of workforce supply versus employer demand of STEAM jobs in South Carolina
  The Future of STEAM The Future of STEAM
  STEAM Analysis An Analysis of Supply and Demand for the
STEAM Workforce in South Carolina
Economic Profiles - Regional Alliances
Economic Profiles - Regional Alliances - These publications provide an economic profiles of the various regional alliances throughout the state.
  Help Wanted OnLineŽ Snapshot
Help Wanted OnLineŽ Snapshot - These publications provide a regional snapshot of top employers and top occupations employers are looking for based on current job advertisements published.
  Job Change Dynamics
Job Change Dynamics - Job-to-job (J2J) moves are a primary means by which workers move from lower-paying to better-paying employers. This analysis shows job-to-job changes for South Carolina workers by origin and destination for 2000-2013.
  EBS 2014
LMI Handouts from the Education and Business Summit - These items were delivered at the 2015 SC Education and Business Summit and are geared toward school career counselors and teachers. They include several data sources for information on the job market that will aid in career and/or college decision-making.
The more you learn, the more you earn! How to help students find good-paying jobs in SC and EBS 2015 Handout
Presentation and Handout on Careers that Do Not Require a College Degree: Presented at the 2016 Education and Business Summit
  SC Economic Trends
SC Economic Trends - This publication presents information regarding economic trends in South Carolina, including seasonally adjusted employment and unemployment, current employment statistics, consumer price index, building permits, and unemployment insurance claims.
  Occupational Outlook
Occupational Outlook - These publications present information regarding the top 20 fastest-growing occupations, top 20 occupations with the greatest number of job openings, and top occupations by education level in South Carolina and for the 12 Local Workforce Investment Areas around the state.
  Need a new Career
Need a new career? - This publication presents jobs that require up to two years of training, along with their average hourly wage in South Carolina.
  Need A Job In A Hurry
Need A Job In A Hurry? - This publication presents jobs that require only a high school diploma or GED, along with their average hourly wage in South Carolina.
  20 Fastest Growing Jobs
20 Fastest Growing Jobs in SC for 2024 - This poster is legal-sized, and includes projected occupations by education level with wages through 2015.
  The more you Learn, the more you Earn
The More You LEARN, The More You EARN - This flier shows how education affects earning power.
  SC Works Center half-page jobseeker fliers
SC Works Center Half-Page Jobseeker Fliers - These fliers include information useful to jobseekers such as How Much Should I Be Paid?, How To Pick A Good Career, Hot Jobs, Declining Jobs, Skills Employers Want, Do I need training?, Jobs With the Most Online Advertisements in SC, and What does a ____ do?
  Commuting Patterns
Commuting Patterns Flyer - This publication presents information regarding inbound commuting patterns and the concentration of commuters within various counties.
  Commuting Patterns
South Carolina Commuting Patterns - View the ten selected counties having the highest differential between inflow and outflow commuters.
Veterans - This report presents the Veterans' population based on concentration, education, income, and gender in comparison to the Non-veteran population.
  WIA/MSA Maps
WIA & MSA Maps - This series of maps represent current Workforce Investment Areas and Metropolitan Statistical Areas for South Carolina and the new boundaries that have been defined by the Census.
  Annual MLS Report
Mass Layoff Statistics - An Annual report on layoff actions that result in workers being separated from their jobs.
  Job Outlook
South Carolina Job Outlook - This general career information represents various high-growth occupations arranged by education level and/or training generally required. It also lists some jobs on the decline.
  Good Jobs
Good Jobs That Don't Require A 4-Year Degree - This general career information represents various high-growth occupations that do not require a 4-year degree.
Local Employment Dynamics (LED) - Employers, workers, transportation agenies, training institutions, educators, economic developers, and other local decision-makers need current data to help in making decisions.
Wage Conversion Brochure - Easily convert an hourly wage to a weekly, monthly, and yearly salary estimate using these formulas.